How to reach Texel and Hotel Opduin?


1) Via public transport

By train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Den Helder: 

From the train station at Amsterdam airport (Schiphol) a train brings you in 10 minutes to Amsterdam Sloterdijk. From here a direct train runs to Den Helder every 30 min departing at quarter past/to the hour. The total journey takes about 1.5 hours. For detailed information and updates on the train schedule, you may want check:

Tickets for the train – so-called single-use smart cards- can be bought via NS ticket machines and NS service counters. The NS ticket machines (yellow) are located near the luggage belts and near the train tracks at the main hall at the airport (follow the sign trains). Here you can also find the NS Service counter. Unfortunately, the tickets cannot be bought online by credit card. You might want to purchase your ticket for Friday already.


From Den Helder station to the ferry:

From Den Helder station, take bus line 33 to the boat. This bus leaves 12 minutes past every hour and is coordinated exactly with the schedule of the boat. Line 33 (the Connexxion bus to and from the ferry in Den Helder) is free of charge. However, since you are traveling further on Texel, it is recommended that you purchase a ticket (€ 3.00) in advance at the Connexxion counter at Den Helder station. You will find this desk between the train station and bus station. It is not possible to buy tickets at the harbour in Den Helder or on Texel. Tickets can also be purchased from the bus driver at Den Helder.


The ferry:

Ferry tickets can be purchased at the Den Helder train and bus station, at the ferry at the ticket machine or counter, or online. This latter is recommended to avoid possible queues. You can be your ferry ticket (return) on the website of the ferry company: The ferry depart every hour on the half hour and the bus from Den Helder station and to the hotel are aligned with the ferry departures. For more information about the ferry, schedules, additional crossings, etc can be checked on the ferry website: ferry crossing takes about 20 minutes.


From the ferry to Hotel Opduin:

On arrival on Texel, leave the boat on the right-hand side. To go to the conference venue (Hotel Opduin in De Koog), you can take bus line 28/828. Ask the driver to announce your stop. Use your ticket you have purchased at the Den Helder train and bus station.


Return trip (public transport):

The return trip is easy, the bus stop of line 28 to the ferry is in front of the hotel. At the bus driver you can purchase a ticket (€ 3.00). You won’t need to buy a ticket for the ferry; the ticket you buy for the ferry service is always a return ticket and you won’t be asked to show it when you leave the island. When you arrive at the ferry port in Den Helder, you will find that you are able to take the bus to the train station without showing a ticket; this trip is free. To use this service, take the exit on the right hand side of the ferry and walk to the bus stop, which you will find nearby. Because the bus needs to tie in with the departure times for the train, travellers are expected to walk to and board the bus quickly, using one of the three doors available.


Help needed?

We, including our students, will be traveling the same route on Sunday, so there is a good chance we will be around to assist you. In any case, if you see your fellow IBBI2018-partipants wondering around, please take them along J. You can find all this info also on the website of the tourist information center from Texel ( If you need any assistance, please contact us at


2) Travel by car


If you come by car, enter the address of the hotel in your favorite route planner or use google maps (address can be find below). The total journey is about 2 hours. From Schiphol Airport to the ferry will take you about 1h10min (to Teso ferry harbor, Den Helder). 

The ferry: 

You can take your car on the ferry; tickets can be purchased online via or at the harbor. If possible, it is advised to purchase your ferry ticket in advance online, this saves waiting times especially in the weekends! However, you need your licence plates number for this. A tickets for a car up to 9 passengers is about 40 euro. For more information about the ferry, schedules, additional crossings, etc can be checked on the ferry website: ferry crossing takes about 20 minutes.

To the hotel:

Follow the instructions on your navigation or follow the signs “De Koog”. From the ferry it is about 15 minutes to the hotel. There is free parking at Hotel Opduin.

Address venue:

Hotel Opduin
Ruijslaan 22
1796 AD De Koog
The Netherlands
T: +31 222-317 445