Info for presenters & posters

Invited and hot topic lectures

The invited talks will be 30 minutes maximum (+ 10 minutes for discussion). The hot topics are scheduled for 15 minutes plus 5 minutes of discussion. Please try to stay on time, so we can have a lively discussion after your talk. Additionally, there will be large coffee breaks and ample free time to continue the discussion.

For the presentations, you can either provide your talk on a USB key to Corine (conference secretary) on the morning of your talk, or you can bring your own laptop (don’t forget  your connecting cables to either VGA or HDMI). The beamer can handle both 4:3 as 16:9 presentations. Please set-up and test your talk before your session starts and introduce yourself to the session chairs (see program).



Poster sessions: There are three posters sessions, please check the program when your session is scheduled. You can put your poster up at the morning coffee break (11:00h) and please put it down at the end of the evening or before breakfast (7:30h) the next day!

Poster boards: The poster boards are in portrait orientation, 110 cm wide and 140 cm tall. Pins will be provided.

Poster pitch: For all posters presenters, there is a one-minute-one-slide poster pitch scheduled. So, enhance traffic to your poster by “pitching your poster” in one of the special sessions! You have exactly 1 slide and 1 minute (60 sec!) to pitch. Please send one ppt(x) slide format 4:3 as an e-mail attachment to before April 4. (If no slide has been submitted, we have the liberty to put something up for you….) 

Poster prizes: In honor of IBBI-pioneer Jean-Pierre Schermann, prizes will be awarded to the best poster presenters at the graduate and undergraduate level. Your poster pitch will be a factor in the evaluation, so make sure to send in one slide. Poster prizes are sponsored by PCCP and The Analyst. Many thanks!