About IBBI

“The IBBI conference series ┬ábring together scientists from all over the world to present and discuss the most recent advances on Isolated Biomolecules and Biomolecular Interactions. The focus of the IBBI conferences lies on gaseous molecules of biological interest studied by spectroscopic, mass-spectrometric and theoretical methods, but also contributions addressing new, emerging and related techniques are welcomed”.


Previous IBBI conferences:

2016 Oxford (UK) Chair: Justin Benesch
2014 Porquerolles (France) Chair: Philippe Dugourd
2012 Les Diablerets (Switzerland) Chair: Tom Rizzo
2010 Berlin (Germany) Chair: Gert von Helden
2008 Valladolid (Spain) Chair: Jose Luis Alonso
2006 Prague (Czech Republic) Chair: Pavel Hobza
2004 Exeter (UK) Chair: John Simons
2002 Wildbas Kreuth (Germany) Chair: Reiner Weinkauf
2000 Les Houches (France) Chairs: Charles Desfrancois & Jean-Pierre Schermann


Scientific Advisory Committee

Peter Armentrout University of Utah (USA)
Perdita Barran University of Manchester (UK)
Michael Bowers University of California Santa Barbara (USA)
Charles Desfrancois University of Paris 13 (France)
Philippe Dugourd University of Lyon 1 (France)
Gert von Helden Fritz Haber Institute (Germany)
Pavel Hobza Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)
Tom Rizzo EPFL (Switzerland)


Local Organizing Committee

Anouk Rijs (Chair, FELIX Laboratory, Radboud University)
Albert Heck (Netherlands Proteomics Centre, Utrecht University)
Jos Oomens (FELIX Laboratory, Radboud University)
Corine Heuzer (conference secretary, Utrecht University)